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A Brighter Shade of Green (PDF)
EnlightenNext magazine


Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
by Janine Benyus

Cradle to Cradle; Remaking the Way We Make Things

by William McDonough and Michael Braungardt

Next Industrial Revolution DVD
William McDonough, Susan Sarandon narrates

Monticello Dialogues
New Dimensions extensive interview
with William McDonough

Ideas Worth Spreading


Greensource Magazine


Metropolis Magazine


Edible Forest Gardening
by Eric Tensmeier and Dave Jacke

Nutrient Density

Joel Furhman on the health basis for nutrient dense eating



In a way, the true puzzle of global warming isn't the mechanics of man-made climate change -- the feedback loops, the damage to the ozone layer, the shift in oceanic oscillations, the melting of the ice-caps, the desertification of formerly productive agricultural lands. Those can be studied and understood. The true puzzle is human nature. In every one of these accounts of climate change and environmental degradation, the authors note the inertia of the global system, whether they're talking about economic or climatic models of the future. But there's another kind of inertia
built into the system too, and I know no better account of
it than a passage from Isaac Asimov's ''Foundation,'' the opening novel in his classic series about a science called ''psychohistory,'' which combines psychology and statistics. ''The psychohistoric trend of a planet-full of people contains
a huge inertia,'' says Hari Seldon, the ancestral hero of the foundation. ''To be changed it must be met with something possessing a similar inertia.''

This is a way of saying we live as we have always lived. Sometimes -- like now -- nearly everyone is aware of dramatic changes in the world. Yet we continue to live in
the assumption that we can ride out the changes without changing ourselves, coasting, as we have always coasted, on the historic wave of human development. What it will
take to wake us up is a wave of equal size traveling in
the opposite direction. That wave is already on its way.


Biomimicry Institute
Design principles inspiration


Design practice and research inspiration


Whole Systems Design
Master Planning, Permaculture design and installation, hardscape design

Birdseye Building

Builders, architecture,metal shop, wood shop, project oversight

Liberty Head Post and Beam

Barn timber frame

Turtle Rock Masonry

All masonry heaters in house

Ryan’s Plumbing and Heating

Design and installation of heating and water system


Design consulting, engineering, installation

LN Consulting
Engineering integrated RE system

Draker Laboratories

Monitoring system, system design consulting

J&S Electric

System-wide electric work